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If your looking at this page your likely to be already developing HL7 integration solutions with BizTalk and the BizTalk HL7 Accelerator. The aim of this project is to help to deal with some of the testing challenges around these kinds of projects and to encourage both automated testing and also behaviour driven acceptance testing which can help you to deliver better solutions.

If you would like to findout more about BizTalk & Behaviour Driven Development please refer to:
BizTalk BDD @ Technet Wiki

Sample Video

The below video is a full walk through of the HL7 testing framework and its features and usage within a behaviour driven development testing sample.

Sample Video

The code from the sample video can be downloaded from the below link
Sample Code

The slides for the sample video can be downloaded from the below link:


For more info on how to use the framework please refer to the Documentation page.


If you would like some help with this project which isnt covered on the discussion forums here please refer to the Connected Systems Consulting Helpdesk Portal:

Help Desk

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